Tom Alphin The LEGO Architect Book

 Tom Alphin The LEGO Architect Book

LEGO architecture has a massive numbers of followers, this is why LEGO bricks were invented in the first place. Some people recreate buildings detail-by-detail, others try to keep the essence using minimal possible number of bricks, and there are those who use LEGO to design something completely new.

Tom Alphin is a LEGO architecture fanatic and all-round great guy. His approach stands out as very clean, modest but very effective. You will also find out that Tom knows a thing or two about architecture and it’s history.

We very much like his minimalistic approach. This is where you have to be clever to construct something that contains the spirit of the building and it’s proportions, but do it with lowest possible number of bricks. Tom’s very good at that!

He’s written a book The LEGO Architect which you can see in the video above or have a look at the preview here:  The LEGO Architect This is an unusual book in many ways, it will take you through most important periods of architecture history, it will show you how to build some of Tom’s creations, and it will showcase some of the most beautiful buildings re-created with LEGO.

Tom has a great website: where he presents LEGO Architecture news and writes articles. You can also grab a free content in .pdf format here: