True To Life LEGO Technic Fishing Boat

LEGO Technic Fishing Boat with Power Functions Controls

It is a custom build set, not available in the store. It may not be a spectacular but it is a very large build, and it is very original. It is like nothing we’ve seen before, as fishing does not seem to be a popular subject amongst LEGO Technic builders.

The proportions are very good and this build has got some functionality of a real fishing boat.  There is an interesting dual axle trailer as well. Pneumatics have been used to power the propeller and raise or lower the outboard motor. Fishing seats on front and back and two more for a driver and passenger.

As the diagram shows, there is a functional spool and string connection to steering wheel, also some fishing rods have been put together. There is an interesting high visibility color scheme with black deck. The Power Functions switches compliment the layout by being nicely placed next to the driver’s seat to imitate throttle.

Unfortunately with all the motors and battery power pack hidden underneath the deck, this LEGO Technic fishing boat does not float. Still it is a well thought out and unique build. Now it just needs something to pull it along, maybe based on one from this video. Watch to the end to see what happens when servo stops working…

Well done!