Two Amazingly Realistic LEGO Technic Forklift Trucks

Two LEGO Technic Forklifts Show Amazing Engineering

Not many regular builders realise how hard it is to build something realistic while keeping the functionality. It requires a lot of experience, thinking and many tries and failures. It is incredible to see something like those two LEGO Technic Forklifts whit this many real functions packed into small chassis. Both models of two different types of counterbalance fork lift, maintain correct proportions.

Lifting gear does not only lift but it also can tilt the load to prevent truck from tipping forward. Battery pack also functions as a rear axle weight counter balance and is easily accessible.  Authentically positioned LED lights make it even more attractive.

Great amount of engineering went into both models and staggering amount of attention to details. Anybody who’s seen or even drove one of similar things will agree. The whole thing is remotely controlled with front wheel drive and rear wheel steering. The The Power Functions remote controller had to be customised to keep all the functions in one package.

The person who designed and created both LEGO Forklifts is Kevin Moo from China, who’s likes to create realistic complicated motorized vehicles with remote control capabilities . It takes a lot of creativity and knowledge of bricks, that’s on top of three dimentional thinking capability, which is surely needed for constructions like these.