Unusual LEGO Arctic Icebreaker Ship

Functional LEGO Arctic Icebreaker Ship

This LEGO Icebreaker ship is another unusual construction by Desert Eagle LEGOmaniac from Russia. His models don’t have an easy life because they are being tested sometimes to breaking point.

No wonder as many of them, like this ship, are being built for specific purpose. As you can see this remote controlled Icebreaker works very well but the ice is a bit to thick on this frozen lake and there is no sufficient thrust from propellers.

This is an initial build, tested to see what can be improved. It weights about 5 pounds and to aid stability a counterweight had to be installed – visible underwater shot.This helped to counter the tall bridge tower which destabilized the ship. It was due to the shape of original blue LEGO ship elements, building upwards on this platform will make the boat rock.

To make it move there are two XL Power Functions motors attached to two propellers, another motor is used for steering. Great and unusual idea.