Wall-E LEGO Ideas Set vs. LEGO Technics Wall-E

Wall-E Designs – LEGO Ideas Set vs. LEGO Technics Wall-E

Wall-E is a well known character of a Disney Pixar movie, and it is a popular toy available in many shapes and forms. No wonder that LEGO fans wanted a piece of action and right after the movie premiere this loveable little robot could be seen recreated in LEGO bricks.

It took ages before we have seem official LEGO Wall-E release in form of LEGO 21303 set. This set was custom created by one of the enthusiasts and voted for to be made into an official set on LEGO Ideas website. This very nice model shows the essence of the character. The ‘eyes’ reflect his personality and yellow/grey colors closely match the original.

One thing missing from LEGO 21303 set is some sort of movement which can be achieved by adding some motors and gears like in the video below. That Wall-E is mainly constructed out of Technic  elements and uses Power Functions and remote controls to move around. It can also move its arms as well as lift the head and turn it sideways.

LEGO Technic Wall-E

Probably the best option would be combining both ideas and creating something like this:

LEGO Wall-E #3 – Best of Both Worlds

This one is a lovely set combining two methods above and adding a few missing extras. All of the sets are great and well constructed creations. Real  Wall-E would be amazed!