World’s Biggest LEGO WW2 Battleship USS Missouri

25.5ft Long LEGO Battleship – Worlds Longest LEGO Ship

Dan Siskind is a LEGO builder who favours military vehicles, planes and boats. One of his literarily biggest achievements is this World’s Longest LEGO Battleship USS Missouri. In the video Daniel talks us through the model in it’s finishing stages. This incredibly detailed and true to form 1/35th scale build took over 1 million LEGO bricks. It’s been build using plans of the ship acquired online.

This historic Battleship had been retired in 1998 after witnessing Pearl Harbour drama. There is a lot of historical accuracy, this includes many minifigures in various correct ‘uniforms’ as well as configuration of cannons, guns and other on-board equipment. Also internal construction and support system has been kept as close as possible to original.

USS Missouri hosted the ceremony of Japanese surrender in the Tokyo bay and this scene has been recreated in this build. This model is designed in such way that it can be dismantled down into 10 sections for transport to another showroom in custom built crates.  Dan is the owner of, an online brick shop focused on LEGO military theme.