Biggest LEGO 21137 Minecraft Set -Mountain Cave Of Bricks

LEGO 21137 Minecraft Cave Set

This is the biggest LEGO Minecraft set to date as of 2017, containing massive amount of pieces 2863 to be exact. That’s a lot of bricks! It has the wow factor but is it worth $250?

LEGO 21137 Minecraft is all about the size, everything here is monumental, starting with the huge box which hides 24 bags of bricks along with massive instruction book. All in all this is a giant 3 dimensional Minecraft puzzle which will keep any kid busy for hours, first building the Mountain Cave then playing wit it.

What you get with this set is mostly classic grey bricks mixed with some brown and green, all to resemble the computer game. But there is a large amount of details included to break the grey surface and help with the playability. LEGO did a good job here with the 3D aspect. You can play with this Minecraft Cave from every angle, which allows a few kids to play on various sides at the same time. Set is large enough for everybody to have a large amount of play area.  Read.More