Great Ball Contraptions or GBC – LEGO Japan Style

Japan Version of LEGO Great Ball Contraptions

You will find LEGO fans all over the world, but in some countries they have their own quirky ways of of building things. Great ball contraptions are one of the popular trends. The idea is to create and combine ball transporting modules build exclusively using LEGO bricks. Each of the modules performs in a different way and presents a unique solution to transporting balls. Watch this video:

In the video above Akiyuki and three other constructors decide to go large. They combined 23 GBC modules into a loop on Japan version of Brickfest in 2017. There are 250 balls circulating between the bricks. Each module has a name and utilizes a specific type of movement. All parts come from various LEGO sets from many eras. Most of the construction bricks come from Technic sets. Some use programmable bricks from Mindstorms for functions like sorting.  Read.More