OMG – 30,000 Bricks Full Body LEGO Mech Suit

Full Body LEGO Mech Armor Suit Uses 30,000 Bricks

Gerry Burrows aka The Brick Engineer presented this LEGO Mech Suit named Titan of Ephesus at Philly Brick Fest in 2017. This Mech Armor looks like a samurai from the future and there is a real person inside too! But is it possible to scratch an itching butt in one of these – let’s find out – watch the video now:


Helmet of Salvation, Breast Plate of Rightiousness, the Belt of Truth  and so on – are all biblical references to various components of this MOC. Build over 700 hours within 2 years it contains an estimated 30k of bricks, with 10k being the pins that hold bricks together. It is quite light for something of this size weighing in at 57 pounds, thanks to the use of mesh. Most of the pieces are Technic beams for durability, finished off with standard LEGO detailed bricks for effect. Read.More